Concepts of Prenatal Care

When should prenatal care start? What should it look like? How much should it cost? Most importantly, but often overlooked: Who should be doing it? These questions, frequently asked by pregnant women, have no pat answers.

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Issue 124

Midwifery Today Issue 124, Winter 2017 Theme: Prenatal Care “Prenatal Care” is an essential component of the relationship between a midwife and mother-to-be. This issue looks at it from various angles, covering prenatal yoga, safe herbs, providing care in a low-resource country and in “plain communities,” as well focusing on what women want. We have our usual inspiring birth stories, international stories—including Laos and the Philippines, reviews of medical studies and our new section on doulas, which covers some of the groundbreaking changes happening in Oregon. Cover photo by Esther Edith ( Esther is a birth photographer and doula in Spokane, Washington. She is married to a philosophy professor, and has two daughters. Esther is passionate about her Christian faith and sees every birth as a miraculous gift of life—each is an incredible honor to capture. Having grown up in India, she has always had a passion for women’s rights, and organically stepped into the birth world to help women have a voice and know their options in childbirth. Pictured: My goal with my photography is to capture the authentic connection and emotion between people. This beautiful family invited me to photograph their maternity and birth story sessions and, having

Prenatal Care

Continuity of carer is key to a normal, physiological, and empowered birth. Midwifery is about relationship which develops in the course of prenatal care.

Prenatal Care, What Really Matters?

One might argue that prenatal care is necessary for critically evaluating overall health status, charting vital signs on an ongoing basis, and making sure all essential laboratory tests are performed during pregnancy.

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What is a professional? How do we become professionals who serve women instead of ourselves? Is it possible?