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We at Midwifery Today are offering you a grand opportunity now! You can gain access to hundreds of articles that we published over the past 30+ years. Articles—many of them clinical—that we previously had reserved only for specialty books and e-books. Learn about hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, prolonged pregnancy, and labor, and delve into art, heart, and science of birth.

We are constantly putting up more articles from back issues. We decided to make memberships a part of our website and also to price them reasonably, so you can easily join us. (We researched pricing for other membership sites and found them much more expensive for much less content.) This is a great way to expand your knowledge, insights, and inspiration about birth.

Also starting with the Doula issue, #125, Spring 2018, all content for each magazine will go up. Right now the Doula issue and the next one themed Labor are online. This membership is a great opportunity to extend your education and learn more about midwifery and birth, as well as other birth professions, ideas for practice, and other issues regarding pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

Besides articles and the content from entire magazines, we have put up some excellent audio from past conferences. These alone—on many clinical subjects—are worth much more than the price of the membership. Teachers such as Michel Odent, Gail Hart, Sister MorningStar, and many more will be your speakers! We are also adding more conference audio to our membership resources. Please join us today!

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