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Ghana’s…public health service plays a very important role in promoting maternal and child health care through the provision of antenatal, postnatal and child health services. Despite this hard work WH) estimated that in 2000 Ghana’s maternal mortality ratio was 540 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Do I have to leave my country and home to have my baby sanely?

A volunteer at the famous Mexican midwife hospital, C.A.S.A, recounts the birth story of a woman who came from the US to heal the wounds from her first birth while avoiding another c-section.

Midwifery Model of Care—Phase II: Newborn Care

I question whether the accepted treatment of the newborn during the first few moments after the birth can be considered “harmless” care.

The Business of Birthing: The Write Way to More Clients

The majority of these journalists – the people who write for the major pregnancy and baby-related magazines – are nice, single women who have never had children. … They’re hungry for something to sensationalize, and lately, that means writing about the fabulous elective c-section.

Business and Midwifery

Business is second nature to me; I really enjoy it. I have been making lemonade for 32 years now and have always known that if I wanted to be rich I could have franchised my successful lemonade stand, Family Homesteader. The calling of midwifery got in my way, though.