50 Ways to Protest a VBAC Denial

After advocating VBACs for years, ACOG in 1999 flip-flopped and issued guidelines restricting them. Barbara lists a number of ways to fight a such a denial and win.

Midwives as Educators: Teaching in the 21st Century

All midwives are educators. While not all midwives are preceptors (clinical teachers who train students), educating birthing families is an integral part of midwifery care.

Midwifery and Conceptual Models of Nursing: A Comparison

The Divine has created perfection in human birth. The Divine entrusts and guides midwives to protect what has been created and what is normal. Women possess innate wisdom of the Divine, and the Divine guides them through the process of pregnancy, labor and birth.

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The Flowering of Midwifery Education

Mostly I was taught by instructors attached to deep cover, who expected me to collude with the illusion that we were being open and wise. But we midwives know the difference between covering up and peeling off, loosening, letting go – birth language that needs to become our language of education.

Africa: Journey to the Motherland

We worked really hard to get rid of the bed pan, but the bottom line was cleanliness. If we didn’t use the bed pan we would have more blood to clean up and more chance of infection in the clinic. It’s a hard call at best.

Aspiring and Student Midwives Are Our Hope for the Future

Just as we each have a responsibility to birthing women to ensure the future of midwifery, as "mother midwives" we also have a responsibility to educate the next generation of midwives. Midwifery is fairly fragile in the US and we must acknowledge our responsibility to protect it.