Red Internacional de Parteras Independientes (RIPI)

Cristina Alonso writes about Red Internacional de Parteras Independientes (RIPI), a network of midwives, women and natural birth advocates weaving together their strength, knowledge and profound belief in birth.

Elizabeth Davis – An Interview with Heather Long

Learn about and be inspired by Elizabeth Davis, author of Heart and Hands, expert on women’s issues and midwifery teacher, in this compelling interview with graphic designer Heather Long.

Anciona Juarez Arrozco

Anciona Juarez Arrosco tells the story of a traditional Mexican midwife, who has practiced for more than 30 years. Taken from the book, Voices of the Maya Midwives, by Sarah Proechel, the article relates some of the traditional herbal and other practices of midwifery that have been in use for many years.

Vaginal Births After C-section Are Not Necessarily Riskier in a Birth Center than in the Hospital

While recent research concluded that VBACs are riskier in birth centers than the hospitals, the author points out some of the other problems that the authors of the study failed to note, such as the fact that being in a hospital increases the risk of a cesarean and on future pregnancies.

Midwifery Model of Care—Phase II: Midwife Lessons

In this second part of a series on midwifery in the twenty first century, the author talks about the caring hearts and the wisdom of midwifery. She recommends that all midwives share their stories with the world.