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Midwifery Today Issue 73Theme: Changing Protocols

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The Bristol Third-Stage Trial

If you set out to compare a policy of intensive, precipitous intervention with a policy of sitting back and watching the patient bleed, obviously the former will be seen to be safer. This was the approach and conclusion of the Bristol Third-Stage Trial. But the trial … is completely misleading… Read more…. The Bristol Third-Stage Trial

Happy Birthday, Birth Change

Midwifery Today turns 19 years old in February of 2005. For me, that is nearly 20 years of working to change birth with Midwifery Today, plus over 10 years of homebirth practice, changing birth one motherbaby at a time. Read more…. Happy Birthday, Birth Change

Protocols vs. Guidelines

The term “protocols” is confusing sometimes because it is used differently from location to location, state to state. In general, protocols have to be very carefully written, or midwives damage themselves legally. Read more…. Protocols vs. Guidelines

The Challenge of Doing Nothing

Training involves the process of learning to DO things. A much greater challenge is learning to DO NOTHING. The old adage,“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” is a vitally important concept to internalize. Read more…. The Challenge of Doing Nothing

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