Issue 72

Berta Juárez Fuentes

This article is excerpted from the book, Voices of Maya Midwives: Oral Histories of Practicing Traditional Midwives from the Mam Region of Guatemala. Este artículo fue extraído del libro, “Voces de las comadronas mayas” Read more…. Berta Juárez Fuentes

The Tree and the Fruit: Routine versus Selective Strategies in Postmaturity

If you have on your shelf the English version of the book, titled History of Childbirth: Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth in Early Modern Europe, you will miss the analogy transmitted by the original title and the importance of the pages on the history of beliefs about the duration of pregnancy. Read more…. The Tree and the Fruit: Routine versus Selective Strategies in Postmaturity

A Timely Birth

The timing of birth has major consequences for a baby. Too early or too late can mean the difference between life and death. Or so we have come to believe; and it’s undoubtedly true at the extreme ends of preterm and postterm birth dates. Read more…. A Timely Birth

The Challenge of Doing Nothing

Training involves the process of learning to DO things. A much greater challenge is learning to DO NOTHING. The old adage,“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” is a vitally important concept to internalize. Read more…. The Challenge of Doing Nothing

A Circle of Midwives

As midwives, we are called to serve many kinds of women and families. These may include those with whom we do not resonate for one reason or another. You could be asked to serve a member of an ethnic group that is traditionally hostile to yours, a woman with widely divergent beliefs… Read more…. A Circle of Midwives