Salt of the Earth: Homeopathic Natrum Muriaticum

Salt, sodium chloride or common rock salt is dissolved in the same proportion to water in the Earth’s oceans as it is in our blood, amniotic fluid and tears. Salt plays a vital part in every cell of the human body, and the ideal amount of salt for human babies is perfectly found in human breast milk.

Healing in Mexico

We began the Oaxaca, Mexico, conference with an exercise in global healing. Marina Alzugaray and Yeshi Sherover Neumann created the idea of splitting our group of about 275 people into "conquered" and “conquerors.”

Two Important Keys: Autonomy and Working Together

Is our profession a barrier to instinctive birth? Are we, whose calling it is to protect and care for motherbaby in the birth year, actually forming a barrier? If so, how do we change our profession to meet the real needs of women in pregnancy and birth?

A Vision of Birth

A vision of Birth came to me in the months after I gave birth to Zoe, my second baby. As I meditated on the challenges that I had encountered during my labor, I began to see my experience—and Birth herself—as a huge multi-faceted crystal. I saw that the different aspects of Zoe’s birth, like facets of a crystal, would not add up to one clear picture but would reflect at many different angles.

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The Ties that Bind – How Belief Creates Birth Realities

Women believe that birth is a dangerous medical event. The fact is that normal birth is safer than many things we do each day without a thought.