Issue 61

Cuban Maternity Homes

Imagine health care as a right, not a privilege. One of the many successes of the Cuban revolution is its dedication to creating a comprehensive medical system accessible to all citizens free of cost. Read more…. Cuban Maternity Homes

Birth, Love and Death

It is a well-known fact that the template for a child’s psychological development is laid down in earliest infancy. But did you ever consider that the experience of being born sets up the most fundamental predispositions and life reaction patterns we have? Read more…. Birth, Love and Death

From the United Kingdom

As I prepare this article… I am conscious of two major reports released here in the U.K. in recent months. As I have been reflecting on them I know their message is pertinent to women and midwives all over the world and it felt appropriate to draw your attention to them. Read more…. From the United Kingdom

Birth of a Midwife

For ages the expertise and experience of the elders was handed down to younger generations. It was not a matter of choice, merely a matter of survival. If they didn’t share their knowledge of the way life revealed itself, then that knowledge was lost. Midwifery is not different by any means. Read more…. Birth of a Midwife