In Memory of Marsden Wagner – A Friend to Midwives, 1930–2014

The world lost a treasure earlier this year, but his passion and kindness will forever remain in our hearts. This tribute contains memories, stories and thoughts about Marsden from some of his midwife friends. Read more Read More

Homebirth and the Microbiome

…now I am learning that homebirth is even more important than I ever thought it was. New microbiome research is teaching us that how and where we are born is crucial and even life-altering. Our birth literally sets the foundation for our health and well-being or lack of it. Read more Read More

Birth and the Human Future

Editor’s note: This article first appeared in Midwifery Today, Issue 110, Summer 2014. Subscribe to Midwifery Today Magazine Earlier this year, I read two of Michel Odent’s books; Birth and Breastfeeding (2008) and Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens (2013). Michel’s writing is very accessible with a conversational style. Over a period of time, I read first one then the other from cover to cover, and the books became my friends. I read for a half-hour with morning coffee and then an hour at bedtime. My mind often dwelt on an image of undisturbed birth, mother and baby discovering each other in that bliss of the first face-to-face gaze. Michel makes an association with this deep bonding and a more peaceful society, and comments that the level of militarism in society correlates directly with the level of interference with the mother-baby dyad during… Read more Read More

Catharina Schrader: A Midwife of 18th-Century Friesland

Catharina Schrader, a midwife of Friesland (the northwest region of the Netherlands) practicing in the 1700s, had her doubts about the dignity of her calling. Socially, she was a member of the upper-middle class. She was the daughter of a tailor, yes, but her father served the royal court in Germany. Read more Read More