Routine Active Management of the Third Stage

Midwifery Today mother Jan Tritten shares her thoughts on the third stage and how it isn’t such a good idea for this part of birth to be routinely managed. Read More

Thoughts on Homebirth Transfer

I am hiring a birth professional for the care I want. I hope I give birth at home, but I understand that there is a continuum of where I might give birth, home or hospital. What matters to me is that I will have my midwife with me. I think of it more as hiring a person I trust than planning a birth in my home Read More

Mercy In Action Midwives Form Disaster Response to Deadly Super Typhoon

Midwife Vicki Penwell describes her experience of providing aide with Mercy In Action in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. Read More

Motherbaby Placenta: State of Emergency

A very emotional and powerful story about the recent Typhoon that ravaged the Philippines and how Robin Lim and her team helped mothers and families in the aftermath. Read More