With the Grace of God We Shall Deliver This Baby

While in England, a green Italian midwife struggles to help her African client deliver and quickly realizes the implications of cultural differences in midwifery.

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 Read more…. With the Grace of God We Shall Deliver This Baby

Mother and Baby Baboons

Jan took a recent trip to South Africa to scout out a potential Midwifery Today conference. She shares in photos and essay some of her experiences with a marauding mother and baby baboon she encountered there. Read more…. Mother and Baby Baboons

Healing in Mexico

We began the Oaxaca, Mexico, conference with an exercise in global healing. Marina Alzugaray and Yeshi Sherover Neumann created the idea of splitting our group of about 275 people into "conquered" and “conquerors.” Read more…. Healing in Mexico

Enlisting Change Around the World

Since founding Midwifery Today magazine in 1986, I have had an interest in international midwifery. I have always had the feeling that the keys to helping and understanding the birth process would be found all over this marvelous globe with its many cultures. Read more…. Enlisting Change Around the World

Inclusiveness—The Essence of Midwifery

We will look back someday and say, “We had a legendary meeting at the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) meeting in Vienna in April 2002.” It was not a sanctioned meeting but one where we discussed issues many midwives have been concerned with. Read more…. Inclusiveness—The Essence of Midwifery

Anthropological Perspectives on Global Issues in Midwifery

According to the international definition, a midwife is one who graduates from a program duly recognized in its jurisdiction. In the developing world, this generally means a two-year government training program. Read more…. Anthropological Perspectives on Global Issues in Midwifery

26 Ways To Change Birth Globally

This action list of small things all midwives can do to change societal attitudes to birth and promote midwifery and the midwifery model was derived from some research I carried out a few years ago. Read more…. 26 Ways To Change Birth Globally

Let’s Work Together

A global alliance of midwives would promote the midwifery model worldwide, not the medical model. It would emphasize woman-centered birth with autonomous midwives who work at home, birth center or hospital. Read more…. Let’s Work Together