More Evidence to Avoid Hospital Birth: A Critique of the Results of the ARRIVE Study

The protocol to induce for postdates at 41 weeks was accepted by medical professionals about 10 years ago. The randomized controlled trials (RCT) for this protocol are based on poor quality studies that included births at high risk of perinatal death, such as premature births and those of diabetics, and entail high rates of noncompliance with protocol (Cohain 2015). There is no good evidence that induction for postdates among low-risk women results in better outcomes for mother or baby.

Humanizar el parto y el nacimiento; humanizar la vida

Madre y bebe; protagonizan este proceso y los deseos y sentimientos de la madre deben estar en primer lugar.

PRIMAL – Humanise life and childbirth – Association: Primal Movement

Primal is a new journal dedicated to eliminating violence and promoting a more humane approach to childbirth and living, particularly during the primal period, which is defined as foetal life, being born and the first year to three years of life.

Nature In Your Birth Bag

Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the book Wisdom of the Midwives: Tricks of the Trade Volume Two. Subscribe to Midwifery Today Magazine Although Mary wasn’t severely anemic, I knew the kinds of problems we could encounter during her birth if we didn’t help her build up her hemoglobin. She had previously taken iron pills that left her extremely constipated. I recommended an herbal tea consisting of nettles, alfalfa, hibiscus, rose hips, lemon grass, red raspberry leaf, and stevia (mix equal parts of each with half a gallon of water). This tea is an excellent blood-builder and has the added advantage of tasting great! Mary drank a quart a day and her blood slowly became richer in iron. Sometimes, black cohosh tincture (Cimicifuga racemosa) is an invaluable aid during labor when the woman is tired and her contractions are painful. It will smooth the contractions out so they aren’t so gripping. This can allow the uterus to work much more effectively to an easier completion of labor. Homeopathic pulsatilla (Anemone pulsatilla) can also keep a slow labor progressing so that the woman doesn’t tire so much. I have also recommended black cohosh for women who have cramps during menstruation.

Mortalidad materna: La Maternidad Segura se encuentra en el Protagonismo de las Mujeres mismas

La maternidad segura toma en cuenta los derechos humanos de las mujeres, el derecho a decidir sobre sus vidas reproductivas; éste incluye los derechos en el parto, en especial el derecho a la información precisa sobre los riesgos y beneficios de los procedimientos en el parto. La institucionalización del parto es, en Costa Rica, una regla que habrá que revisar para tomar como punto de partida lo más importante: los sentimientos, necesidades y opiniones de las mujeres.

Las pelvis que conocí y amé

¿Que pasaría si no hubiera pelvis? ¿Y que tal si la pelvis tuviera tan poco que ver con como nace un niño como el tamaño de la nariz de la madre? Después de más de 20 años atendiendo partos estas son las conclusiones a las que he llegado.

Mary Kroeger Remembered

[News Item] Most of you know that Mary died at home on December 15, 2004, at about a quarter to midnight. She was surrounded by loved ones and it did seem to be a peaceful passing. We know people all over the world are mourning Mary’s death, while joyously and graciously celebrating her life.

Parto Conciente

El nacimiento de un bebé es uno de los sucesos más emocionantes, misteriosos y transformadores en la vida de todo ser humano. Es una experiencia que se graba de forma indeleble tanto en la vida de la madre que da a luz como en la del bebé que acaba de nacer.