Let’s Move Birth in the Right Direction

Complications are why we need midwives. If birth were
completely normal all the time we midwives would
not be needed—but, indeed, we are needed. It is so
important that we all learn and gather the necessary skills
and didactic and emotional knowledge we can before we take
responsibility for a mother and baby. One of the great keys
to a good birth outcome is knowing when and how to act
and to do so quickly. Otherwise, we can keep hands off and
be the quiet midwife in the corner—unobtrusive and loving.
We need to be careful not to disturb the process.

More Evidence to Avoid Hospital Birth: A Critique of the Results of the ARRIVE Study

The protocol to induce for postdates at 41 weeks was accepted by medical professionals about 10 years ago. The randomized controlled trials (RCT) for this protocol are based on poor quality studies that included births at high risk of perinatal death, such as premature births and those of diabetics, and entail high rates of noncompliance with protocol (Cohain 2015). There is no good evidence that induction for postdates among low-risk women results in better outcomes for mother or baby.

Advocating for Birth Change

The most important event in many women’s lives is giving birth. It is so pivotal that most moms can remember it in great detail their entire life. I met a woman in Japan who was in her 80s and could recount every detail of her birth. Her father-in-law had been her support person.

Supporting Sexual Abuse Survivors in Childbirth

One in three women in the US has experience childhood sexual abuse. This article provides information key to supporting these women during all parts of the childbearing year.