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Keeping Waterbirth Safe During Covid-19

All the research shows that water reduces the rate of infection in all three participants—mother, baby and provider—and in some cases makes contaminants non-viable. This was the answer I gave to the first person, a hospital midwife from Italy, who asked about restrictions for using water for labor and birth during the Covid-19 outbreak. She sent a message on March 20 and I recommended that they continue with their established hospital waterbirth practice and, where and when necessary, use full personal protection equipment (PPE). Read more…. Keeping Waterbirth Safe During Covid-19

Easter Message

Easter morn has been born. The wild woods are blooming and echoing the resurrection message of spring. The woodland animals frolic in the meadow and at the edge of the stream. I look into the night sky or water reflection and ponder life at my core. I miss you. The Holyland misses you. Day and night, I hold the sacred space for the return of freedom, civil rights, human rights, human contact, newborns and elders, and community gathering that keep the soul, as well as body, alive. Read more…. Easter Message

The Great Sacred Sisterhood

I built a fire from my more than half-century of professional certificates, handouts, conference lectures, pictures, articles, manuscripts, and journals, and made my prayers. Read more…. The Great Sacred Sisterhood

Beloved and Cherished Sisterhood of My Belonging

Now is not the time to be afraid you might get “it.” Now is the time to be confident you will heal.
 Read more…. Beloved and Cherished Sisterhood of My Belonging

Midwives and Covid-19

Who would have thought that a pandemic from a new virus would boldly arrive while we were going about our everyday service as midwives? For many of us, it raises questions about how to maintain our own health while protecting the health of our clients and their newborns. Fortunately, the little that we know about the virus and pregnancy is mostly reassuring.  Read more…. Midwives and Covid-19

Let’s Keep Making Birth Better

Midwifery Today is now an online publication—which is very exciting to us! This change allows us to include value-added material with articles. You will find links that provide further information, videos, or sounds, and there is no limit to the length of articles—long or short. We can include photos without coming up against page limitations that prevent us from fitting them in. I think that offers a lot to our readers.  Read more…. Let’s Keep Making Birth Better

Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding with Covid-19

We are in the midst of a pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. Midwives and pregnant women need guidance on how to proceed and whether their babies are at risk. Read more…. Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding with Covid-19

Cherished Global Epicenter of Calm, Capable, and Soul-steady

You are torch bearers of all things sacred during this time of a daily search for truth, connection, freedom, hope, direction. I know you are doing your best to meet the needs of your loved ones, your at-distance families, your clients, while helping the stranger in her need. We have inspired one another in new and creative ways to keep the flow of life from drying up or being cut off. We are doing our best to keep our instinctual wisdom alive while trusting something unknown and unseen. Read more…. Cherished Global Epicenter of Calm, Capable, and Soul-steady

Wild Garlic Council

I know the extremity of the situation, the global impact, and the information-seeking keeps most of us aware and maybe restless, day and night. I want to share just a few more ideas for your consideration. Read more…. Wild Garlic Council

Calm and Capable, Up the Mountain Together We Climb

Spring be welcomed! The moss covers the hillside. The woodland flowers are outdoing the gardens. The bulbs I planted one place decades ago have spread themselves around, popping up in new circular groups more this year than ever, to show that life lives! In the most powerful, surprising, collective ways, life lives. In singles dotted at the edge of the woods, life lives. That is us in this herstoric equinox. We live to bring the best and beautiful to our little corner of the woods/world. Do not be in a hurry. Read more…. Calm and Capable, Up the Mountain Together We Climb

Epicenter of Calm and Capable Still

Folks, understandably, are having trouble sleeping. The old. The young. The in-between. For reasons of health, finance, unspoken fears. Do the best you can with what you know and have.…
 Read more…. Epicenter of Calm and Capable Still

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