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Creativity and Birth

Giving birth is a highly creative act, possibly the most creative act we can engage in as women. Experiencing birth can help us tap into and align ourselves with a greater creative power. One way to prepare for birth is to become comfortable with our own creative powers. The more we trust in our creative process, the more open we can be to the creative power of birth. Creativity is about expression; when we give voice to our deepest, innermost selves, we then become comfortable trusting our inner knowing. Read more…. Creativity and Birth

There You See It, There You Don’t? Postpartum Depression

Women can suffer from postpartum depression for a variety of reasons. Using real stories and common sense, Wainer helps us get to the root of some of the causes and how birthworkers can help them. Read more…. There You See It, There You Don’t? Postpartum Depression

Call the Midwife

Most of you probably read the trilogy Call the Midwife years ago. I am a little late, but I just finished all three books. The stories of people, mostly from the East End of London, seem more unreal than fiction, yet they are all true, according to the author, Jennifer Worth. She writes about the midwifery services, mostly homebirths, provided by the nuns at Nonnatus House for 99 years—from the 19th and through most of the 20th century. Read more…. Call the Midwife

Is Labor a Complication of Socialized Birth?

A great discussion of births during pre-agricultural times versus our current socialized birth, and the fetus ejection reflex. We need to go back to privacy for birthing women. Read more…. Is Labor a Complication of Socialized Birth?