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Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding with Covid-19

We are in the midst of a pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. Midwives and pregnant women need guidance on how to proceed and whether their babies are at risk. Read more…. Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding with Covid-19

Cherished Global Epicenter of Calm, Capable, and Soul-steady

You are torch bearers of all things sacred during this time of a daily search for truth, connection, freedom, hope, direction. I know you are doing your best to meet the needs of your loved ones, your at-distance families, your clients, while helping the stranger in her need. We have inspired one another in new and creative ways to keep the flow of life from drying up or being cut off. We are doing our best to keep our instinctual wisdom alive while trusting something unknown and unseen. Read more…. Cherished Global Epicenter of Calm, Capable, and Soul-steady

Wild Garlic Council

I know the extremity of the situation, the global impact, and the information-seeking keeps most of us aware and maybe restless, day and night. I want to share just a few more ideas for your consideration. Read more…. Wild Garlic Council

Calm and Capable, Up the Mountain Together We Climb

Spring be welcomed! The moss covers the hillside. The woodland flowers are outdoing the gardens. The bulbs I planted one place decades ago have spread themselves around, popping up in new circular groups more this year than ever, to show that life lives! In the most powerful, surprising, collective ways, life lives. In singles dotted at the edge of the woods, life lives. That is us in this herstoric equinox. We live to bring the best and beautiful to our little corner of the woods/world. Do not be in a hurry. Read more…. Calm and Capable, Up the Mountain Together We Climb

Epicenter of Calm and Capable Still

Folks, understandably, are having trouble sleeping. The old. The young. The in-between. For reasons of health, finance, unspoken fears. Do the best you can with what you know and have.…
 Read more…. Epicenter of Calm and Capable Still

Inspiration from Sister MorningStar

Ever the Faithful, Calm, and Capable World Community, It has been six days now since 3/11. Everyone who wishes should feel more prepared and informed and aware and maybe even feel a surge of health from starting all the healing foods, fluids, immune support, and extra time for rest. I know I wake up, taking… Read more…. Inspiration from Sister MorningStar

The Journey of International Midwifery

Midwifery Today has been trying to influence birth for the better throughout the world since our first issue came out in 1987. It took us a long time from idea to publication: to get the first one done, we started a full year before. We had a column called Working Abroad in the first issue and then began to receive contributions from other countries. Henny Ligtermoet, from Australia, wrote “My Mother was an Elderly Primagravida.” She talked about how if she were born today (then 1987) the OB would put fear in her mother, but since she was born at home in 1921 that did not happen. International issues and ideas have been a great journey and I have enjoyed it immensely!  Read more…. The Journey of International Midwifery

For the One, For the Many

Editor Jan Tritten shares thoughts about the uphill battle to respect birth, women, and babies and what keeps her moving forward in this quest. Read more…. For the One, For the Many

Media Reviews: Issue 131

Media Reviews: Issue 131
Go Ahead, Stop and Pee by Kate Mihevc Edwards and Blair Green| A is for Advice (The Reassuring Kind): Wisdom for Pregnancy by Ilana Stanger-Ross | Mother: An Unconventional History by Sarah Knott Read more…. Media Reviews: Issue 131

Creativity and Birth

Giving birth is a highly creative act, possibly the most creative act we can engage in as women. Experiencing birth can help us tap into and align ourselves with a greater creative power. One way to prepare for birth is to become comfortable with our own creative powers. The more we trust in our creative process, the more open we can be to the creative power of birth. Creativity is about expression; when we give voice to our deepest, innermost selves, we then become comfortable trusting our inner knowing. Read more…. Creativity and Birth

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