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A Midwife’s Covid-19 Gift

At the start of the pandemic, I was part of an upscale, holistic gynecology practice on the Upper East Side of New York City. We cared for women who were seeking alternatives to the conventional model of medical care and who wanted a more integrated, personalized approach to childbirth. I felt satisfied and fulfilled in my provision of individualized, holistic healthcare. Read more…. A Midwife’s Covid-19 Gift

Some Blessings for the Homebirth Community during Covid-19 Times

In these most interesting times, on March 19, 2020, I had to cancel the last two days of my Art of Birth workshop, in which 34 women and one man gathered with me for two weeks, in deep, eight-hours-per-day immersion. Read more…. Some Blessings for the Homebirth Community during Covid-19 Times

Media Reviews – Issue 134

Media Reviews Issue 134: Birthing Your Baby: the second stage of labor, 3rd ed, by Nadine Pilley Edwards, The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond, by Marie Louise, Labor & Delivery Training for Low Resource and Emergency Situations, by Charlene Campbell and Valerie Hall Read more…. Media Reviews – Issue 134

Honoring Birth Visionaries

What are our politics? There is so much division in the US and the world right now. I believe we should get behind our politics—that is, the politics of midwifery and birth. Let’s put our energy into what really matters to us—birth. We want to make sure, as much as we are able, to help every motherbaby have the best birth possible. There are so many ways to do that: midwifery, being a doula, working abroad, and educating both parents and practitioners. Read more…. Honoring Birth Visionaries

Dealing with Postpartum Psychosis in Sierra Leone

I have encountered many things in my humanitarian and midwifery career. I am prepared for just about anything because I have learned that I have to be. A lot of it is not easy. Much of it stays with me. Some of it goes down on paper, like this story. As a midwife supervisor in… Read more…. Dealing with Postpartum Psychosis in Sierra Leone

Keeping Waterbirth Safe During Covid-19

All the research shows that water reduces the rate of infection in all three participants—mother, baby, and provider—and in some cases makes contaminants non-viable. This was the answer I gave to the first person, a hospital midwife from Italy, who asked about restrictions for using water for labor and birth during the Covid-19 outbreak. She sent a message on March 20 and I recommended that they continue with their established hospital waterbirth practice and, where and when necessary, use full personal protection equipment (PPE). Read more…. Keeping Waterbirth Safe During Covid-19

Easter Message

Easter morn has been born. The wild woods are blooming and echoing the resurrection message of spring. The woodland animals frolic in the meadow and at the edge of the stream. I look into the night sky or water reflection and ponder life at my core. I miss you. The Holyland misses you. Day and night, I hold the sacred space for the return of freedom, civil rights, human rights, human contact, newborns and elders, and community gathering that keep the soul, as well as body, alive. Read more…. Easter Message

The Great Sacred Sisterhood

I built a fire from my more than half-century of professional certificates, handouts, conference lectures, pictures, articles, manuscripts, and journals, and made my prayers. Read more…. The Great Sacred Sisterhood

Beloved and Cherished Sisterhood of My Belonging

Now is not the time to be afraid you might get “it.” Now is the time to be confident you will heal.
 Read more…. Beloved and Cherished Sisterhood of My Belonging

Midwives and Covid-19

Who would have thought that a pandemic from a new virus would boldly arrive while we were going about our everyday service as midwives? For many of us, it raises questions about how to maintain our own health while protecting the health of our clients and their newborns. Fortunately, the little that we know about the virus and pregnancy is mostly reassuring.  Read more…. Midwives and Covid-19

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