Midwifery Today Magazine Issues

Midwifery Today Issue 115

Issue 115

Autumn 2015 Theme: Waterbirth Based on the number of submissions we received, waterbirth is a topic many people love. We are pleased to share some wonderful information with you. Michel Odent, Sister MorningStar and Fernando Molina—all Midwifery Today conference teachers—share their waterbirth knowledge in this issue. We also are pleased to offer a placenta article,… Read more…. Issue 115

Midwifery Today Issue 96

Issue 96

Spring 2011 Theme: Waterbirth The ever-increasing popularity of waterbirth warrants a fresh look at an old practice. This issue examines new research on the benefits of waterbirth for babies and takes a look at how waterbirth can make the work of mamas and midwives easier. Craniosynostosis, belly mapping and the role of spirituality in midwifery… Read more…. Issue 96

Midwifery Today Issue 94

Issue 94

Autumn 2010 Theme: Birth is a Human Rights Issue Cover photo by Philip McCormick is a street portrait of a boy at a marketplace in Bali, Indonesia. McCormick specializes in street photography, portraiture and landscapes. He has lived, worked and traveled extensively throughout India and Southeast Asia and has a large body of work from… Read more…. Issue 94

Midwifery Today Issue 70

Issue 70

Summer 2004 Theme: Hands-On Care Buy This Issue Departments From the Editor Poetry Networking Tricks of the Trade Marion’s Message Question of the Quarter Media Reviews News Classified Advertising Calendar Photo Album Features Teaching Respect for Hands-On Care—Ina May Gaskin The Primal Touch of Birth—Kara Maria Ananda Hands-On Care—Jill Cohen Midwives: Creators of Community—Alison Bastien… Read more…. Issue 70

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