On Photographing a Stillbirth

“I have done stillborn pictures for my clients for many years, for free, of course. Taking beautiful pictures is one of the most important things you can do for parents of a stillborn baby.”

Hirsch’s Silent Birth

A nice couple, organic farmers whom I had met the previous year, were pregnant and seeing my friend Lori,for their care as they planned their homebirth. This very healthy Jewish couple was looking forward to the birth of their first baby.
Sadly, when the mom was 34 weeks and four days, the mother felt that something was not right. Lori stopped by their home to listen and could not hear the baby’s heartbeat. She called me from the road as she drove to the hospital, ultimately for confirmation of the baby’s death.

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Stillbirth—A Journey in Birth

Being prepared for a stillbirth can make all the difference in the care a midwife provides to a family during this emotional birth process. Part of a special series, this article offers midwives practical tools and resources for support when midwifing a stillbirth.