The Power of Three and the Bumi Sehat Vision

Learn about the vision and philosophy behind this provider of midwifery services in Bali and Aceh, Indonesia.

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Postpartum: Rebirth of the Woman

All women who have made the journey into motherhood know that feeling of being forever changed. After becoming a mother, my emotions reached new depths, my heart was more open. I even felt my intellect had expanded. Research has shown us that there is a biochemical explanation for these changes.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy

In this millennium we are developing a world community devoted to higher awareness and optimal health.

Cesarean Birth: What about the Baby?

One of my home-born babies had a wrinkle-free gentle entrance into our world. The other was an almost seven-minute shoulder dystocia. After three and a half minutes of CPR, he took hold of his life and is thriving. He has never been separated from mother.

Straight From the Heart of Mothering

If you have chosen to parent without holding back, giving limitless love and attention to your baby, you will need to be brave. It is a decision you will necessarily make every day, many times a day.