Issue 88

Midwifery Today Issue 87, Winter 2008 Theme: Women’s Experience of Pregnancy and Birth Cassie Fox balances a head in the clouds with a solid and earthy approach to photography. She loves working in both color and black and white, letting the mood of each image determine the end result. As a homebirthing mother herself, she feels privileged to document other women’s birth days and never leaves with anything less than a full heart and a profound appreciation. As Cassie says, “I write and I shoot. My words are the composer and my photos the choir. Sometimes they are quiet and sometimes they are loud, but they are always singing something.” You can find more of Cassie’s work at contents Buy This Issue Poetry From the Editor Networking Tricks of the Trade Marion’s Message Media Reviews News Classified Advertising Calendar Photo Album Features The Physical Impact of Cesareans—Pamela Udy A Midwife’s Gift: Olivia’s Birth Story—Laura Thompson Shive 7 Tips for Creating a Calm, Joyous Homebirth—Gloria Lemay The Absence of Fear—Jasmine Rae Ojala Non-Interventive Pelvimetry—Betty Peckman Determining Relational Needs in Challenging Clients—Maryl Smith Mother’s Experience—Elizabeth Beachy Father’s Experience of Birth—Ervin Beachy Mars Attacks—Judy Slome Cohain Understanding Plastics—Blue Bradley The Birth of