Prematurity and Perinatal Neglect

I’ve always thought it interesting that in nearly 40 years as a midwife in private practice, I have never had a case of prematurity. Last year my daughter Kalista had a threatened premature labor with contractions and bleeding at 30 weeks, yet she went forward to enjoy a second home waterbirth of a full-term healthy son. It was no small feat; it took a village to turn around the stresses that had built up in this young 96-pound mother’s life 1000 miles from home with a recent move, adjusting/active toddler, aging dog, dying mother-in-law and stressed husband working out of state most weeks. As the symptoms presented and progressed alarmingly, we created a team and a plan to work around the clock to reverse the impending labor. In-house help, herbs, food every two hours, nutritious rich soups and drinks, loving child care and time for bed rest, meditation, peace, quiet, more rest and ways to talk about fears, concerns and her ideal birth were ways we began to give back to a woman who was giving her all to mother the next generation.

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