There You See It, There You Don’t? Postpartum Depression

Women can suffer from postpartum depression for a variety of reasons. Using real stories and common sense, Wainer helps us get to the root of some of the causes and how birthworkers can help them.

Leaving the Farmhouse: Musings on the First Stage of Labor

I have been asked to write about the first stage of labor and I will, I promise. However, this topic cannot be discussed without also talking about related matters, so please bear with me as we travel in and out from 1 cm to the big 10 (or, in the case of a breech baby, 11!).

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VBAC and Choice: Many Questions and a Few Answers

When I agreed to have a cesarean, was I really making a choice? First of all, I, the chooser, was not truly informed; second, my doctor lied to me. Third, my insurance company limited my choices in many ways.

A Butcher’s Dozen

VBAC. A victory and a relief for most of the women who have one. A deep and generous healing for many of them. And still, very much a sham, because most of the women never really needed to be cut in the first place, so they didn’t really need to be VBACs after all.