Issue 121

Midwifery Today Issue 121, Spring 2017 Theme: Mothering Throughout life, women find themselves in the role of Mother. With this issue’s theme of “Mothering,” our offerings are diverse. You will find tips on having a good pregnancy to making the best of a cesarean birth to mothers supporting mothers after birth. Our beloved Robin Lim even shares the challenges of mothering one’s own mother. As always, our pages are packed with interesting reading from many well-known authors in midwifery along with other new contributors who cover unique and timely subjects. Cover photo by Hannah Palamara ( Hannah Palamara is a wife and mother to three children who lives in Kent, UK. As a documentary and lifestyle birth photographer and doula, Hannah serves families across the UK by providing them with beautiful and tangible memories of their monumental day. Hannah sees herself as a storyteller who captures birth stories in homes, birth centers and hospitals. Each is powerful, captivating and worth remembering. Hannah brings her extensive knowledge as a doula and birth worker, as well as her expertise in documentary photography, to every birth she attends. Pictured: This birth happened on the hottest night of the year on a full moon.

A Turning Point in the History of Mothering

Today, we have at our disposal a standardized and simple way to introduce a great variety of topics. We just need to explain why we are “at a turning point.”

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Straight From the Heart of Mothering

If you have chosen to parent without holding back, giving limitless love and attention to your baby, you will need to be brave. It is a decision you will necessarily make every day, many times a day.