Traditional Midwives Are Midwives

This article was adapted from the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Humanization of Childbirth’s proposal to the International Confederation of Midwives, WHO, UNFPA and the World Bank requesting that they use the more accurate term traditional midwife rather than Traditional Birth Attendant. Read more…. Traditional Midwives Are Midwives

Take Birth Back

The colonizing countries dominated birth with destructive medicalization at a time when Western powers were decimating cultures. Medicalization rode on the wave of imperialism. This force is still going today and is an effective tool used against normal, instinctive birth. Read more…. Take Birth Back

Let’s Work Together

A global alliance of midwives would promote the midwifery model worldwide, not the medical model. It would emphasize woman-centered birth with autonomous midwives who work at home, birth center or hospital. Read more…. Let’s Work Together