Homebirth after Cesarean: The Myth and the Reality

No studies are available on homebirth after cesarean (HBAC). Is it as safe as inhospital VBAC? What elements make it risky? Amy Haas takes on the difficult task of wading applying the available studies on VBAC to the domain of homebirth to give a general idea on its safety.

Midwives Honor the Sensuality of Pregnancy and Birth

Midwife Shafia Monroe talks about the beauty and sensuality of pregnant woman, how we need to honor them during that special time. “Of course midwives love babies. We work hard to provide care to ensure that a woman has a healthy pregnancy and thus a vigorous baby. But in actuality, midwives love women.”

Listening to Survivor Moms

I found out I was pregnant in June of ’94 and suddenly everything was different for me. It was as if I had a gun to my head; I had to get better RIGHT NOW. I was convinced that if I didn’t I was going to be the worst mother on the planet. – from Shakta’s story

The Bridge of Life: Options for Placentas

The thought occurred to me the other day that some people may find the use of their baby’s placenta as medicine unusual. I also have begun to see that many people do not know the placenta’s purpose and how it works.

Changing Childbirth: The Latin American Example

Anthropologist Robbie Davis-Floyd shares her experiences speaking about birth in Latin American countries, and identifies at least 21 ingredients necessary for creating a social movement that can effectively bring about birth change.

Footling Breech: A Midwife’s Own Birth Story

In this memoir a midwife reflects on the story of her birth as a footling breech in Germany during WWII, and the homebirths that she has attended in her life. She touches on both themes, remembering not only breech births, but the role that animals have played in many births she has been involved with.

La Partería Global – Tradicional y Oficial – y la Humanización del Nacimiento

Hasta hace 200 años toda la atención del nacimiento en el mundo era humanizada ya que era brindada por parteras que mantenían a la mujer en el centro, y en general, respetaban la naturaleza y la cultura.

Global Midwifery—Traditional and Official—and Humanization of Birth

Throughout history, women (midwives) have been in communities for other women to turn to for support with women’s concerns—not just reproductive health care, but also issues such as spousal abuse.

The Target of the Bully and the Effects of PTSD

This third article in our four-part series on bullying focuses on the target of the bully, and the effects on her, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).