What Is a Birth without Loving Touch?

Naolí discusses touch as a basic need of all beings and, in particular, the benefits of loving touch-applied with awareness to the needs of the laboring recipient-during birth.

Who Benefits from Training Traditional Midwives?

Davenport discusses the ramifications of training traditional midwives or skilled birth attendants based on conformity to a medical system that may or may not be in the best interest of birthing mothers.

The Littlest Midwife

Sudy Storm shares another engaging true story of volunteering in Sierra Leone, this time accompanied by her wise-beyond-her-years granddaughter, Kassy.

The Cut

Female genital mutilation continues to be a reality and a rite of passage for girls in Kenya, despite the laws now prohibiting it. The author tells about her personal observations of this damaging and traumatic practice.

Midwifery Is Not a Luxury

Sharing her own experience, the author makes the case that every mom should have the right to have a midwife for her birth.

The Life and Work of a Rope Midwife in Darfur

This is a fictional composite account of the life and work of an imaginary traditional midwife in a Darfur village. It is based on multiple sources of information, including direct experience, observation, personal interviews and the research of others.

The H1N1 Primer for Pregnant Women

This first wave of the H1N1 outbreak in North America has now passed, providing us with important information. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts another wave to come around December and perhaps again in the New Year [2010].

Craniosacral Therapy in the Midwifery Model of Care

Learn about craniosacral therapy and how it can be used to prevent and health birth trauma.

Humor as Natural Medicine

I wish I could think of a punch line for this joke: A midwife, a doula and an obstetrician walk into a bar… but, I don’t really need one since I’ve gotten plenty of laughs just with that opening.