Issue 126

Midwifery Today Issue 126, Summer 2018 Theme: Labor Labor is a key part of the work of midwifery. Long labor, short labor, fear of labor, orgasmic labor. These are just a few of the many aspects of labor that are covered in this issue. It features articles on labor from well-respected midwives that include Marlene Waechter, Vicki Penwell, Sister MorningStar, and others. Other articles cover topics on subjects such as support for sexual abuse survivors, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, postpartum mood disorders, as well as our regular columns such as Tricks of the Trade, Wisdom of the Midwives, the Doula Corner, and more. Cover photo by Rebecca Coursey-Rugh ( Rebecca is a documentary photographer and birth doula in California. When she was young she dreamed of being able to craft tales about the way she saw the world around her—illustrating lives and etching words into stone. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three boys, two black labs, and a cat. Pictured: Birth, like death, is universal, yet each woman has her own story of how she became a mother. Birth can be wild and fierce but soft and quiet, predictable yet unexpected. In this image, the laboring

Forgotten Labor

Mack writes about coming to terms with a less-than-perfect birth.

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Labor: Short and Long; Physical and Mental

This great article illustrates, through discussion of actual cases, the many variations that labor may take and how diet, fear, and even religious beliefs may affect it.

Epidural Anesthesia Leads to More C-Sections

Response to summary and comment re: The risk of cesarean delivery with neuraxial analgesia given early versus late in labor.

Adrenaline in Labour

Sometimes birth is a peaceful, gentle event. Other times a cushion is needed to intercept the blows from a mother’s fists. One father tells the story of an adrenaline-fueled homebirth and how he survived it.

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How to Stay Healthy and Low Risk During Pregnancy and Birth

If you did only one thing to help yourself stay healthy during pregnancy, good nutrition would be it!