Collusion and Negligence in Hospitals

One predominant problem with planned hospital birth stems from the requirement of collusion among hospital workers. Hospitals are living organisms whose drive for self-preservation takes precedence over the goals and needs of the patient. Read more

Midwifery Today Responds to Study Questioning Homebirth Safety

Midwives respond to the study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology questioning homebirth safety. Read more

Vaginal Births After C-section Are Not Necessarily Riskier in a Birth Center than in the Hospital

While recent research concluded that VBACs are riskier in birth centers than the hospitals, the author points out some of the other problems that the authors of the study failed to note, such as the fact that being in a hospital increases the risk of a cesarean and on future pregnancies. Read more

How to Treat a Vaginal Infection with a Clove of Garlic

Garlic kills yeast. Those who bake bread know not to add garlic while the dough is rising or it will kill the yeast. Instead, garlic is added to the dough after it has risen, just before baking it in the oven. Read more