Liberty in Midwifery and Birth

Jan and I were discussing our upcoming conference, titled Liberty in Midwifery and Birth. I realized that I did not fully understand the meaning of liberty, so I looked it up in the dictionary. I was amazed at the correlations between the meaning of liberty and the needs of birthing women. Read More

Maturing Midwifery

I have the good fortune to be attending births with younger midwives right now. I see the future of midwifery right before my eyes. These women are smart, alert and have the same vision of care that I do. Read More

Why Homebirth?

Women are becoming increasingly unhappy with their hospital birth experiences as the result of a multitude of factors, in particular the advent of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and the proliferation of intervention that goes with hospital based modern health care. Read More

The Homebirth Choice

The authors discuss the why’s and how’s of homebirth, including a brief history of midwifery, considerations to weigh in deciding on types of midwives and tips on how to choose a midwife. …Anyone considering the profession of midwifery will also find this useful as a general overview of what a midwife does. Read More

Protocols: Standards Meeting Needs

As I define them, protocols are a set of guidelines drawn up by an individual or group which outlines a standard of practice. In my practice as a lay midwife, my protocols are flexible enough to accommodate each situation I meet. Read More