Midwives Honor the Sensuality of Pregnancy and Birth

Midwife Shafia Monroe talks about the beauty and sensuality of pregnant woman, how we need to honor them during that special time. “Of course midwives love babies. We work hard to provide care to ensure that a woman has a healthy pregnancy and thus a vigorous baby. But in actuality, midwives love women.”

Technology: Stemming the Tide

Technology can make take away the beauty of birth, when used unnecessarily. Editor Jan Tritten argues that midwives are in a position to change the tide of unnecessary technology, using the evidence that is accruing.

Amicus Maternity Center: Part II

This is part two of a two-part series on Amicus Birth Center in Trinidad. See part one in Midwifery Today Issue 84. We hope that this successful model can be used by others.

Choose & Lose: Promoting Cesareans and Other Invasive Interventions

After more than a decade of trying to bring down the number of c-sections, some obstetricians are now reversing themselves and promoting more of them. In fact, a growing number of American obstetricians now urge women to “choose” a cesarean even when there is no medical indication that they need one.

Listening to Survivor Moms

I found out I was pregnant in June of ’94 and suddenly everything was different for me. It was as if I had a gun to my head; I had to get better RIGHT NOW. I was convinced that if I didn’t I was going to be the worst mother on the planet. – from Shakta’s story