Issue 81

Midwifery Today Issue 81 Theme: Primal Health

Pregnancy is a time to get rooted—rooted in love, rooted in patience, rooted to the Mother. This image was taken with that concept in mind. The ripened mother stands strong with the tree—bearing the fruit of precious, sacred life.

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We Can Improve Primal Health

Much of primal health depends on non interference in birth; that is, not performing procedures on women that can negatively affect their babies. The foundation of superior health depends on the one great and original physician-God-who designed the process to work so well. Read more…. We Can Improve Primal Health

Soaking in Midwifery

Visions and dreams are not what springs to mind first when we think of the present-day situation of midwifery in Germany and no doubt in most of your home countries as well. Let me give you a few examples of the situations midwives face in Germany these days. Read more…. Soaking in Midwifery

Trusting Birth Even More

Today a friend e-mailed a very tragic story of loss and despair. A mom going in for her second cesarean suffered a massive rupture and lost her baby and her ability to have another. Read more…. Trusting Birth Even More

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