An Intimate Dance with Birthing Women

When he was asked, “What is a friend?” Aristotle answered, “One soul inhabiting two bodies.” When asked, “What is a doula?” I answered, “One soul inhabiting two bodies,” … the privilege to be in union—nonseparate from another with a shared intent or purpose.

The Birth of a Collaboration

Ever since I met two traditional Oaxacan midwives at the 1993 Midwives of North America (MANA) conference in San Francisco, I wanted to visit Oaxaca, Mexico. Ten years later, it happened when Jan Tritten invited me to participate in the 2003 Midwifery Today/ MANA conference in Oaxaca.


On September 24, 2003, a group of traditional midwives from Mexico gathered at the Iglesia de los Pobres, a church in Oaxaca de Juarez, to write these declarations about midwifery and birth.

Suspect Diagnoses Come with Biophysical Profiling

Many North American women are being told at the very end of their pregnancies to go to an ultrasound clinic and have a biophysical profile done. They will probably not be told that there is no scientific basis for having faith in the test results…