Birth in India: One Chosen Perspective

I tiptoed my entry in to India carrying within a latent, hidden familiarity with her people and culture. I was bringing with me my acquired midwifery skills and an aspiration to follow my resonance with birth as a life event that stands outside of the modern medicalized model.

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How to Make a Portable Waterbirth Tub

For almost three years, I have been renting out a birth tub to my clients. The entire system cost me $350. I charge $100 for one month of use, including set-up and removal. I have even set this tub up in the hospital.

Womb to World: A Metabolic Perspective

Postnatal transition from fetus to neonate is characterised by discontinuity. Inevitably the neonate must change environment from the dark, warm, wet, sheltered place in the womb to the colder, dry, bright, loud conditions of the world; the umbilical cord is severed. Separation and rupture are the watchwords.

Are You a Size-Friendly Midwife?

Fat women are tired of being marginalized by the medical community. They tell stories of egregious bias, of being treated as less than human. They also tell stories of subtle bias, of providers who seem to be size-friendly but ultimately are not.

Postpartum Care from Ancient India

Maharishi Ayur-Veda is considered the most complete and integrated form of this “ancient Vedic science of natural health care [which] emphasizes prevention of disease and promotion of health more than remedial medical intervention…”

Postpartum: Rebirth of the Woman

All women who have made the journey into motherhood know that feeling of being forever changed. After becoming a mother, my emotions reached new depths, my heart was more open. I even felt my intellect had expanded. Research has shown us that there is a biochemical explanation for these changes.