First Trimester Bleeding Is Common

Many women experience bleeding in the first trimester but do not miscarry, yet few studies have evaluated it. Slome Cohain parses the medical evidence, concluding that first trimester bleeding is usually of no consequence.

When Grandma Is a Midwife

When you are a homebirth midwife with a lot of kids of your own, how they choose to give birth may not quite fit with how you had envisioned it. Waechter shares her compelling personal story, with a focus on the need to support your children in their own journeys.

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The Future of Midwifery Education Midwives Defining Midwifery

Puterbaugh makes the argument that midwives should be the ones to determine the future of midwifery education and puts the call out to organize so that we may have our voices heard.

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Midwifery Education for Autonomous Practice: The Time Is Now!

One of the easiest ways for a student to frame this question is to ask, “What kind of midwife would I want at my birth?” And then, “Is my educational program preparing me to be this kind of midwife?”

The Herbal Education of Midwives

Wise use of herbs is especially important during pregnancy and lactation. Using herbs instead of drugs to allay problems protects both mom and fetus from harm. Even more importantly, the abundant nutrition available from select herbs…

Why Did Lauren Bloomstein Die?

In May 2017, Pro Publica and National Public Radio (NPR) published a story entitled “The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth” (Martin and Montagne 2017).

India’s Fierce Wimyn and You

There is a theme in my world travels over the past 30 years. I have searched my mind and heart to find words for the theme. I have listened to languages different from my own describe this “something” from the mouths of thousands of wimyn. The theme is captured by a beautiful Bolivian midwife attending an international conference in Mexico in 2000 regarding the future of birth and midwifery in Central and South America. “We know we must take our mothers to the hospital,” she nearly whispers with a quivering voice, “but where are the prayers?”