The Question of Homebirth

Since when do we need an expert to tell us where we are comfortable? Since when do we need an expert to tell us with whom we feel relaxed and open and able to poop or make love or birth a baby? Read More

Traditional Midwifery

We are losing the knowledge and wisdom of traditional midwifery as fast as we are losing the rainforest. Just as we are discovering this incredible knowledge base, it is disappearing. Read More

Fathers Who Were Abused

Jan discusses how midwives can help with a problem that is rarely discussed: the impact of becoming a father on men who were abused. Read More

Midwifery Knowledge Spread Around the World

The other way to spread this midwifery knowledge…is to bring it to the US at the conferences Midwifery Today presents here. I’ve seen that each culture that has not been taken over by interventive, mainstream medical birth culture has a lot to offer the rest of the world in terms of midwifery knowledge. Read More

Baby’s Choice

What would a baby choose for her birth? Editor-in-Chief Jan Tritten encourages us to think about what a baby might choose for birth and respect the baby, as well as the mother. Read More

Technology: Stemming the Tide

Technology can make take away the beauty of birth, when used unnecessarily. Editor Jan Tritten argues that midwives are in a position to change the tide of unnecessary technology, using the evidence that is accruing. Read More

Birth Change

One of my most important roles in my midwifery life is that of encourager. My desire is that you carry out the dreams given to you – and I know you have them. I delight in telling about people carrying out their dreams as a way, hopefully, to inspire you. Read More

Who Are the Statistics?

Editor’s note: This article first appeared in Midwifery Today, Issue 83, Autumn 2007. Subscribe to Midwifery Today Magazine According to the Listening to Mothers II survey conducted in 2005, four in 10 women had their labors induced and 47% were augmented with Pitocin. Women are given epidurals, they are catheterized, they are forced to birth on their backs and nearly 30% have their babies cut out of them. Let’s personify this crime: Who are the traumatic birth statistics? They could be you, your mother, sister, wife, friend or best friend. How much damage is done to these women, their babies, the rest of their families and our society? We will never know. Contained within those numbers on paper or on a computer screen are the God-created, incredibly important women we all know and love. These women—beautiful, needed and meaningful to those who love them—are Read More