Midwifery Education: Trauma or Transformation?

An excerpt from Midwifery Today’s new edition of the book Paths to Becoming an Midwife: Getting an Education, this article guides aspiring midwives toward an educational program that will “midwife” them in a way that prepares them fully and totally to midwife others. Read more

The Flowering of Midwifery Education

Mostly I was taught by instructors attached to deep cover, who expected me to collude with the illusion that we were being open and wise. But we midwives know the difference between covering up and peeling off, loosening, letting go – birth language that needs to become our language of education. Read more

Elizabeth Davis – An Interview with Heather Long

Learn about and be inspired by Elizabeth Davis, author of Heart and Hands, expert on women’s issues and midwifery teacher, in this compelling interview with graphic designer Heather Long. Read more