Issue 125

Midwifery Today Issue 125, Spring 2018 Theme: The Doula The use of birth doulas is becoming more prevalent in the US and other parts of the world. This issue covers the role of doulas and their contribution to better births and showcases the work of a variety of different doulas and the populations they serve. The magazine also has a great section on breech birth in “Wisdom of the Midwives,” and several clinical articles, as well as birth stories and opinion pieces. Cover photo by Natalia Walth ( Natalia has been a birth photographer and videographer for six years. Prior to starting her business, she was an Air Force reservist in her “spare time,” while simultaneously working for a busy law firm in Los Angeles. She is a mother of three and a wife to her husband. Their dream is to travel the US in an Airstream trail-er, but then they remember that they have a 100 lb German Shepherd that whines too much. Pictured: Herbal baths have many healing properties for mothers. Using the right herbs can help a woman and her baby heal during postpartum. These sessions are a form of pampering. Moms get time to soak and

Issue 104

Midwifery Today Issue 104, Winter 2012 Theme: Doulas Midwifery Today rarely receives as many theme-related articles as it did for this issue on Doulas. Obviously, many people feel strongly about the benefits of having this kind of support during labor and birth. With contributions from Michel Odent, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and author of New Mother Allie Chee, this issue is sure to delight and inspire. Also included within the pages is an educational article by world-renowned herbalist Susun Weed on the benefits of herbs during the childbearing years. And a Midwifery Today issue is always sweeter with the thoughtful reflections of midwife Sister MorningStar; this time she considers the impact those present at the time of birth have on the newborn baby. Enjoy! Cover photo by Natasha Hance. Natasha Hance is a mother of five who has a deep passion for birth photography. She photographs births in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area of Texas as NHance Photography and teaches birth photography workshops with Birth Stories [101], Photography website: Be sure to see Natasha’s beautiful two-page spread photo, pages 36–37. Buy This Issue Departments Poetry From the EditorEditor-in-Chief Jan Tritten shares her thoughts on making the rights of the baby a