Complications of Childbirth

Complications of childbirth are frightening for moms-to-be—yet they exist. Luckily, in our present day and age, there are effective treatments for most. Learning to deal with complications—to bring moms and babies through safely—is an important part of a midwife’s learning. Read more…. Complications of Childbirth

Human Rights in Childbirth: A Basket of Stories

Mothers worldwide are crying out for respectful, gentle maternal health services. The nightmare of “prenatal scare” instead of prenatal care has mothers-to-be crying after visits with the Ob/Gyn. Clearly, it is time for an awakening in birth. This is what so many of us birthkeepers are holding in our hearts. We devote our days and nights to supporting individual women to have choices in childbirth, while working on the broader, global front of human rights in childbirth.

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 Read more…. Human Rights in Childbirth: A Basket of Stories

Parto Conciente

El nacimiento de un bebé es uno de los sucesos más emocionantes, misteriosos y transformadores en la vida de todo ser humano. Es una experiencia que se graba de forma indeleble tanto en la vida de la madre que da a luz como en la del bebé que acaba de nacer. Read more…. Parto Conciente

Straight From the Heart of Mothering

If you have chosen to parent without holding back, giving limitless love and attention to your baby, you will need to be brave. It is a decision you will necessarily make every day, many times a day. Read more…. Straight From the Heart of Mothering

Three Keys to Avoiding Postpartum Hemorrhage

The first key to preventing postpartum hemorrhage is good prenatal nutrition and supplements as needed. Read Margarett Scott’s article to learn more.
 Read more…. Three Keys to Avoiding Postpartum Hemorrhage

Love that Protects

As childbirth attendants, we must vigorously protect the birthing woman and her baby against wrong information, overly interventive technology, a convoluted system of law and medical ignorance that fuel interventive technology, and individuals who do not have her best interests at heart. Read more…. Love that Protects