Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Section: Facts, Myths, and Tips

Midwife Vijaya Krishnan gives the readers of Midwifery Today a helpful article that will educate them on how best to avoid a primary cesarean.

A Family-centered Cesarean Birth

Faced with a necessary cesarean, a mother must give up her hopes of having a homebirth, but still manages to craft an inspiring birth plan that gives her daughter “the gentlest birth possible given the circumstances.”

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Cesáreas en México

¿Cuántas mujeres de su entorno conoce que hayan dado a luz de forma normal, es decir, por parto vaginal? Y ¿cuántas que hayan tenido su bebé por operación cesárea?

The Physical Impact of Cesareans

Sometimes family and friends don’t want to hear about the difficulties that new mothers have to deal with after a cesarean, instead saying, “At least you have a healthy baby.” Pamela Udy, President of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), addresses the physical impact that cesarean surgery can have on women. In the next issue, she will address the emotional impact.

Cruci/Section: My Baby Was Cut Out with a Knife

Trying to write about the c-section I had 10 years ago with my second child is difficult.