Issue 127

Midwifery Today Issue 127, Autumn 2018 Theme: Birth “Birth” is the theme of Issue 127 of Midwifery Today. This magazine will take you through many aspects of birth, from the amazing action and interaction of different body parts, to the role of fathers, to how doulas help military families giving birth away from friends and family. you can also read more in our continuing series “The Portable Midwife” by Regina Willette and midwives in history by Jane Beal, as well as birth stories, clinical information, and stories from midwives on the front lines of birth. Cover photo by Paige Driscoll ( Paige is an award-winning photographer and a doula, as well as a mother to five boys. She is a storyteller of real-life moments, specializing in birth and motherhood. Her children’s births were the most beautiful and empowering experiences of her life and led her to become a birthworker. She is a certified birth doula, with training through Childbirth International, DONA International, and Hypnobabies, with a BA in Child and Adolescent Development. She has attended over 150 births. Her goal is to help parents feel confident, safe, and supported during birth, while documenting their journey. With a passion for birth

The Bristol Third-Stage Trial

If you set out to compare a policy of intensive, precipitous intervention with a policy of sitting back and watching the patient bleed, obviously the former will be seen to be safer. This was the approach and conclusion of the Bristol Third-Stage Trial. But the trial … is completely misleading…

First, Do No Harm

Editor-in-Chief Jan Tritten shares her thoughts on hemorrhage. “The most important thing I can say about hemorrhage is, ‘Don’t cause one.’”

Neonatal Resuscitation with Intact Umbilical Cord

A research-based article demonstrating the benefits of keeping the umbilical cord intact, specifically in regards to situations when resuscitation is necessary.

Global Midwifery Council

The birth of the Global Midwifery Council was in June of 2010 at the Home Child/Midwifery Today Conference in Moscow, Russia. It was born to change the paradigm of birth around the world.

Getting Pushy

A childbirth educator considers “the place of change” in labor that transcends stages and what she sees as the overemphasis on pushing.

Time in a Bottle

Considering the fast-paced nature of modern American culture, perhaps it’s not unexpected that the issue of time is having a never-before-seen and increasingly disastrous effect on pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery

Midwifery Education: Trauma or Transformation?

An excerpt from Midwifery Today’s new edition of the book Paths to Becoming an Midwife: Getting an Education, this article guides aspiring midwives toward an educational program that will “midwife” them in a way that prepares them fully and totally to midwife others.