Full Moon Birthing

Mama and Papa were residents of another state until they came here, to Hawaii, to birth, contacting me by phone five months into their pregnancy. Their desire was an ocean birth. Baby had communicated with her parents that this was the birth she needed.

My Journey into Planned Homebirth in Venezuela

A Venezuelan doctor dedicates himself to attending homebirths in his country despite the obstacles thrown at him by government officials, other doctors and others who refuse to see past the accepted, technocratic model of birth.

The Cut

Female genital mutilation continues to be a reality and a rite of passage for girls in Kenya, despite the laws now prohibiting it. The author tells about her personal observations of this damaging and traumatic practice.

The Life and Work of a Rope Midwife in Darfur

This is a fictional composite account of the life and work of an imaginary traditional midwife in a Darfur village. It is based on multiple sources of information, including direct experience, observation, personal interviews and the research of others.

Protocols vs. Guidelines

The term “protocols” is confusing sometimes because it is used differently from location to location, state to state. In general, protocols have to be very carefully written, or midwives damage themselves legally.

Fetal Demise: Helping a Mother Cope with Her Pain

When I arrived, I immediately scanned the quiet tummy. Lydia watched the screen with a worried expression. I could find no cardiac movement. Finally I put away the probe and moaned, “Lydia, I am so sorry, the baby is gone.”

Demeurer humble: Une naissance par les pieds

Le téléphone sonne à 4h du matin. C’est Scott, le partenaire de Teresa. «Les eaux se sont rompues, les contractions ont débuté et nos doulas sont en route.» Je le félicite, lui pose quelques questions et lui affirme que bien que l’accouchement soit en avance de trois semaines, tout est sous contrôle. Je lui demande de me rappeler lorsqu’ils sentiront qu’ils ont besoin de moi. Je me retourne et tâtonne pour enlacer mon mari, mais je réalise soudainement qu’il est absent. Il est parti dans les contrées sauvages de la Caroline du Nord pour préparer notre nouvelle maison. Je dois demeurer ici pour accueillir encore quelques bébés qui doivent naître, pour ensuite aller le retrouver.

Emotional Impact of Cesareans

Every 30 seconds in the US, a cesarean is performed.(1) This overuse of cesarean surgery puts moms and babies at risk – not just physically, but emotionally.

To Learn to Grow

Feeding the heart of midwifery through support, good counsel, and continuing education has always been the end goal of our efforts at Midwifery Today.