Midwifery Today, Issue 135, Autumn 2020 (digital only)


Theme: Hemorrage

Hemorrhage in or after pregnancy is a leading cause of perinatal death around the world. This issue focuses on this important topic, including articles on how to avoid it and how to deal with a hemorrhage once it starts. We also include important articles related to Covid-19 and birth, midwifery education, and other topics.

Cover photo by Paige Driscoll (bayareabirthphotographer.com). Paige Driscoll is an award-winning photographer and doula, as well as a mother to five boys. She is a storyteller of real-life moments, specializing in birth and motherhood. She captures the most transformative time of your life in an artful way. The birth of her five boys were the most empowering experiences of her life, which led her down the path to becoming a birth worker. She is a certified doula and has training through Childbirth International and Dona International, and is a trained Hypnobabies doula. She holds a BA in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University and was an elementary school teacher before becoming a mother. She has documented over 250 births, each one so beautifully unique. Her full spectrum of personal birthing experiences ranges from hospital births to birthing at home and she is supportive of all birthing methods. Her goal is to help birthing parents feel confident, safe, and supported during their prenatal, birth, and postpartum journey while documenting their story. With her passion for birth and her extensive experience and expertise as a mother, photographer, and doula, she is able to support women in labor and capture the true rawness and beauty of birth as it unfolds.

Pictured: Jalecia Olden and Faryi Lincoln at Full Moon Family Wellness and Birth Center in Santa Cruz, California.

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