Midwifery Today, Issue 122, Summer 2017


Theme:  Homebirth

Homebirth is a topic that our readers can never get enough of, so we made it the theme of this issue. The offerings range from four unique birth stories, two articles that advise what to take to a homebirth, midwives’ thoughts on homebirth in the past and present, and a number of other articles dealing with related subjects, such as complications and prolonged second stage.

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Midwifery Today

Issue 122, Summer 2017


  • Poetry
  • From the Editor
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Media Reviews
  • Wisdom of the Midwives
  • Midwifery & Childbirth News
  • Photo Album
  • Classified Advertising


  • Why Choose Homebirth—Maryl Smith
  • Choosing Freedom Means Taking Responsibility—Ina May Gaskin
  • Birth at Home vs. Birth “Elsewhere”—Michel Odent
  • Three Cases of Prolonged Second Stage Labor: Lasting 14, 17 and 24 Hours—Judy Slome Cohain
  • My Journey into Homebirth: A Midwife’s Perspective—Debra Fiore
  • Homebirth—The Power of One—Sister MorningStar
  • Homebirth Herbal First Aid Kit—Susun Weed
  • “The Sainted Ann Hutchinson”: Midwife of Grace (1591–1643)—Jane Beal
  • Homebirth Stories
  • Sweet Surrender—Cherrie Lynn Fors-Newman
  • Amish Birth—Ireena Keesler
  • Rainbow Baby—Debbie Brown
  • It Takes a Team: A Sunrise Homebirth—Amber Coleman
  • The Homebirth Midwife’s Portable Office: Her Car!—Regina Willette
  • Homebirth: Now and Then—Diane Goslin
  • A New Relief Technique for a Common Pregnancy Complaint—Joseph A. Kleman
  • Managing GBS—Jane Beal
  • Where are the Future Midwives?—Elise Larson
  • An Itch That Can Kill—Hilary Boyer

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