Midwifery Today, Issue 119, Autumn 2016


Theme: Birth Is a Human Rights Issue

A goal of Midwifery Today is for birth to be safe and compassionate for every motherbaby, everywhere. We hold conferences and publish articles in order to teach the world about childbirth that is physiologic, safe and honoring to both the mother and the baby in all aspects, including emotional, physical and spiritual. In this issue, we are pleased to offer compelling and thought-provoking articles surrounding our theme of “Birth Is a Human Rights Issue.” Michel Odent, Sister MorningStar, Robin Lim and others have written specifically on this theme. We also have a wonderful article on herbs by Susun S. Weed, and Elizabeth Davis has written a piece titled “The Lost Arts of Midwifery: Core Skills to Be Reclaimed.”

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Midwifery Today

Issue 119, Autumn 2016


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  • Human Rights in Childbirth: A Basket of Stories—Ibu Robin Lim
  • What If, What For and What Now: Human Rights and Cultural Rights in Childbirth—Sister MorningStar
  • The Right to Challenge Tradition and Cultural Conditioning—Michel Odent
  • The Lost Arts of Midwifery: Core Skills to Be Reclaimed—Elizabeth Davis
  • Reflecting on Fiji: Highlights from the Midwifery Today Conference—Jan Tritten
  • The Breast Crawl—Leilani Rogers
  • Fetal Metabolic Programming for Life: How a Midwife’s Nutritional Counseling Can Make a Lifelong Difference—Pam England
  • A Hard Day’s Night: Midwives and Sleep Deprivation—Bonnie U. Gruenberg
  • How a Checklist Promotes Human Rights in Childbirth: The International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative—Vicki Penwell
  • Raspberry Leaf: Wonderful or Wacky?—Susun Weed
  • Martha Mears: Nature’s Midwife—Jane Beal
  • All Izz Not Well—Lina Duncan
  • Equality for Midwives—Hermine Hayes-Klein and Bashi Kumar-Hazard
  • Human Rights in Obstetrics—Bevelery A. Lawrence Beech

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