Midwifery Today, Issue 112, Winter 2014


Theme:  Preeclampsia

For birth workers, preeclampsia is certainly a topic worth learning about. Within this issue, you will learn from the best. The lineup of authors includes obstetrician Michel Odent, herbalist Susun S. Weed and midwives Sister MorningStar, Gail Hart and Mary Cooper. Along with preeclampsia, there are articles on the placenta, breech babies and pelvic organ prolapse, as well as a photo essay on a public breastfeeding campaign. This is definitely an issue containing loads of information, so get ready to learn. We hope you enjoy it!

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Midwifery Today

Issue 112, Winter 2014


  • Poetry
  • From the Editor
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Cards and Letters
  • Media Reviews
  • Discussions
  • Classified Advertising
  • Photo Album


  • Preeclampsia and Nutritional Priorities—Michel Odent
  • Sick Pregnancies—Sister MorningStar
  • How to Turn a Breech Baby to Head-down—Naolí Vinaver
  • Stories to Learn From: Toxemia in Pregnancy—Mary L. Cooper
  • Preeclampsia—Susun S. Weed
  • Assuring Healthy Babies: Weight Gain in Pregnancy—Gail Hart
  • Doris Haire, 1925–2014: A Tribute
  • Merciér Therapy: The History Behind It—Jennifer Merciér
  • Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project—Leilani Rogers
  • The Deadly Itch: How My Midwives Saved My Babies’ Lives—Kim Gallina Viscio
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse: A Proactive Approach to Prevention—Kim Vopni
  • Emma Océane—Jonathan Angelilli
  • The Paleo Lifestyle in Pregnancy—Tiffani Hoffman
  • Newborns: Their Biological and Theological Uniqueness—Mary DeLashmutt
  • Calcium and Vitamin C Supplements: Effects on Preterm Birth and Preeclampsia—Gail Hart
  • The Childless Midwife: Justine Siegemund of Eighteenth-century Germany—Jane Beal
  • Sowing Seeds of Change—Lina Duncan
  • Birth in India: An Update—Lina Duncan and Vijaya Krishnan
  • The Power of Placenta for Hemorrhage Control—Hollie S. Moyer

Cover photo by Synethia Rosa of Synethia Rosa Photography (synethiarosa.com). Synethia has been a lifestyle and birth photographer since 2010. She lives and photographs families currently in Sarasota County, Florida. She is a wife and motherto four children, three of whom were waterborn at home with a midwife. Her very first homebirth experience in early 2009 changed her life and inspired her to start documenting life with photography.
Pictured: John Modesto King, son of Gina and John King. This photograph was taken in July 2013 during an in-home newborn lifestyle session.

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