Midwifery Today, Issue 110, Summer 2014


Theme: Twins

The ecstatic and overwhelming world of twin birth is the subject of this issue of Midwifery Today magazine. Midwives who are among the most experienced in twin birth have contributed to this issue to make it a truly educational tool. Midwifery Today readers have also sent in their personal accounts of twin birth, and their stories are found within. This edition also contains a section dedicated especially to Marsden Wagner (1930–2014), who was a true friend of midwives and advocated passionately for natural childbirth.


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Midwifery Today

Issue 110, Summer 2014


  • Poetry
  • From the Editor
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Cards and Letters
  • Media Reviews
  • Discussions
  • Photo Album
  • Classified Advertising


  • Coming to Twins—Cynthia Caillagh
  • Why All the Fuss about Twins?—Michel Odent
  • The Wonderful World of Twin Birth—Diane Goslin
  • The Voice of Reason—Sister MorningStar
  • Twin Birth in Rural Nevada—Margie Dacko
  • Helping a Mother with Twins: Choose Your Words Wisely—
    Mary Cooper
  • Maternal Placentophagy as an Alternative Medicinal Practice in the Postpartum Period—Sharon Schwartz
  • In Memory of Marsden Wagner: A Friend to Midwives
  • Twin Stories
  • Zachary and Jack—Cynthia Flynn
  • Jade and Cole—Steph Landis Bernholz
  • Rose and Philippa—Joanne Whistler
  • Temperance and Genevieve—Lauren Mingus
  • Catharina Schrader: A Midwife of 18th-Century Friesland—Jane Beal
  • GBS Updates from a Homebirth Perspective—Cassaundra Jah
  • Easing Afterpains: Wisdom from the Midwives College of Utah—
    Mary Burgess
  • Utilizing Chiropractic for Optimal Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes—Joella Pettigrew
  • Moving from Independent Midwifery to a Consultation Service—
    Michelle Irving
  • Belly Buddies—Marlene Waechter

Cover photo by Sophia Williams of Sophia’s Special Deliveries (sophiabirth.com). Sophia has been a doula since 2009 and is on a journey to becoming a homebirth midwife. She lives and photographs families in Sonoma County, California. She first learned about doulas and midwives when she was a nanny for a family who had a homebirth. That experience changed her life, and she has never looked back.

Pictured: Twins Luke and Jack.

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