Midwifery Today, Issue 107, Autumn 2013


Theme: Induction

With the ever-increasing rates of interventions and managed birth, Midwifery Today’s issue on Induction is an important one. As always, the issue features articles from the brightest minds in the natural childbirth world, as well as passionate mothers, midwifery students and doulas trying to make the world a safer place for birth. Ina May Gaskin has written a powerful and emotional article on Cytotec (misoprostol), detailing the dangers and the problems with the use of this drug around the time of birth. Michel Odent includes his thoughts about the huge ramifications induction puts on the future of our species. You will also delight to read the success story of a mother who gave birth at home after not just one, but five cesareans. Enjoy!


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Midwifery Today

Issue 107, Autumn 2013


  • Poetry
  • From the Editor
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Discussions
  • Cards and Letters
  • Media Reviews
  • Classified Advertising
  • Photo Album


  • Cytotec and the FDA—Ina May Gaskin
  • The Times and Tools of Induction—Sister MorningStar
  • Herbs for Induction of Labor—Susun S. Weed
  • Should We Ban Labor Induction?—Michel Odent
  • Timing Is Everything—Laurie Ross-Berke
  • An Emotional Preparation for Birth—Cathy Daub
  • The Circumcision Conversation—Diana Paul
  • The Mythical Expiration Date—Heathir Brown
  • The Episiotomy Redemption—Patricia Grube
  • Cesarean Inter-Section—Terah R. Lara
  • Maharishi Ayurveda for Postpartum Care—Ragnhild Rannie Boes
  • The Downside of Doula-ing—Jodi M. Green
  • Resolving Shoulder Dystocia: Is Episiotomy Best Practice?—Emily Likens
  • Rotary Helps Pave the Way for the Mongolian Maternal Health Training Project—Allyson Seaborn
  • Searching for Ancient Secrets in Childbirth—Tsippy Monat
  • My Successful Homebirth after Five Cesareans—Julie Ewbank
  • H.R. 2286: A Vision to Increase Maternal Health Professionals and Services—Julie A. Choudhury
  • My Discovery of the Historical Dr. Joseph DeLee—Carol Van Der Woude
  • An Estimated Due Season—Deborah Simone
  • Labor Encouragement with Essential Oils—Ashley Musil
  • Rebirth—Emma Jo Knapp
  • 15 Days Late: Oh, the Pressure!—Nancy Halseide

Cover photo by Greg Beyer. Greg is a photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in children, families and weddings, but he has also worked in other areas of the industry. These days he mainly functions as a full-time, stay-at-home dad for two (soon to be three) boys. You can check out some more of his images on his blog at imajup.com.

Pictured is Daisy Halliday with her mom, Tammy. Daisy was born six weeks premature, and this photo was taken when she was four weeks old. She is the fourth born in a family of now five children.

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