Beginning Midwifery Audio CD Set


Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos, Carol Gautschi, Elizabeth Davis and Patricia Edmonds

Learn the foundations of beginning midwifery with this set of four audio CDs. Four inspiring and experienced midwives share their wisdom on a variety of topics, including prenatal care, nutrition, factors that affect labor, trauma, depression and sexual abuse. You’ll learn about woman-centered care, how a woman’s emotions can affect her birth and how to give your clients a head-to-toe physical. Also covered are intake forms, diet and the importance of drinking water.

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This CD set provides you with vital information that will help you get a good start on your midwifery education. As you listen to these CDs you will discover some of the most important things to remember about working with women and how to do so with integrity and compassion.

  • Disc 1 (69 min.): The Art of Midwifery with Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos; Prenatal Care with Carol Gautschi
  • Disc 2 (61 min.): Prenatal Care with Carol Gautschi (cont.); With Women with Elizabeth Davis
  • Disc 3 (66 min.): With Women with Patricia Edmonds; Emotional Issues in Labor with Elizabeth Davis
  • Disc 4 (63 min.): Emotional Issues in Labor with Elizabeth Davis (cont.); Trusting Yourself to Trust Birth with Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos and Patricia Edmonds

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  • Number of audio discs: 4
  • Length: 259 minutes
  • Recorded: Midwifery Today Conference in Eugene, Oregon, 2007

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