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Midwifery Today to Discontinue Print Magazine in 2020

In a sign of the times, Midwifery Today announces that they are shifting to an electronic magazine

We are writing to inform you that the Winter issue, #132, will be the final print issue of Midwifery Today. We are making changes to our business model that will take advantage of the exciting world of technology. We will let go of many projects — at least in the ways we used to do them—in order to embrace the way the world works now. We will have an even more robust and extensive website with many more resources and facets to it. As part of these changes, we need to discontinue our cherished print magazine. It has become too expensive to proceed with, as has much of paper printing. As you are probably aware, many magazines have had to make this transition or quit altogether. We believe that the world of midwifery and birth still needs Midwifery Today, so we are making a transition to continue to serve you.

We plan to continue our “best in the world” Midwifery Today magazine, but in a different and electronic-based format. You will still be able to get a whole issue—and more. For those whose subscriptions are ending, we ask you to switch to a Website Membership on the Midwifery Today website. The Membership will give you access to hundreds of our clinical articles, each issue of Midwifery Today beginning with #125, audio classes from past conferences, and more. These will be available to you at all times because they will be on the web instead of getting lost in your house—as mine often do! We will be adding new features all the time.

Several of you paid for a membership/print combination and we will extend your Membership to ensure that you get the value you paid for. If you have print only, we ask you to convert to a Membership. If you cannot do that, please e-mail and we will work with you on a fair solution.

Cheryl K. Smith, Managing Editor

Midwifery Today


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