Midwifery Today Issue 97

Issue 97

Spring 2011

Midwifery Today Issue 97
Cultural Aspects of Birth

There is no escaping it: Culture plays an important role in shaping birth practices and influences—sometimes dictates—the choices available to birthing women. From the pressures of time in modern Western societies, to the application of cord-burning techniques in developing nations, to the diverse frameworks for understanding postnatal blood, this issue considers various cultural aspects of birth and birth practices worldwide.

(Clockwise from upper left)

Photo 1—Natasha Hance is a mother of five who has a deep passion for birth photography. She photographs births in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

Photos 2 and 4—Lora Denton is a stay at home mom of two young children, with a passion for photography and birth. She is grateful to each family who has allowed her to attend their birth and aspires to capture emotion in each picture she takes. See more of Lora’s work at www.loradentonphotography.com

Photo 3—Elizabeth Boyce specializes in unique maternity, birth and newborn portraiture in Dallas, Texas. She also offers birth photography workshops for semi-pro and professional photographers.Please visit www.earthmamaphotography.com or www.earthyworkshops.com for more information.

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