Midwifery Today Issue 82

Issue 82

Midwifery Today Issue 82 Theme: Trends vs. Traditions

Both trends and traditions can be important in birth; yet they may conflict with each other. Some may even be harmful. This issue of Midwifery Today focuses on some of those trends and traditions, and sorting the good from the bad or unnecessary.

The cover photo, by Caroline E. Brown, is of her husband’s niece’s son, Roman. Roman is 10 days old in the photograph and is being held by his dad, Drew. Heather, Roman’s new mom, and Drew adopted Roman at birth.

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  • The Enduring Qualities in MidwiferyElizabeth Davis
  • Timeless Tradition—Michele Klein
  • The Target of the Bully and the Effects of PTSDMarinah Valenzuela Farrell
  • Twenty-one Years Ago a Seed Was Planted…—Christy Santoro
  • Management or Care: Different Outcomes—Judy Slome Cohain
  • Save Time and Effort—and Make More Money—with Electronic Communication—Sheri Menelli
  • Birth of Hope—Jennifer Williams
  • Trends vs. TraditionsJill Cohen
  • The Challenges and Rewards of Life as an ApprenticeChrista Bartley
  • Birthing with Reverence—Caroline Wise
  • Healing Honey—Cheryl K. Smith
  • Trends versus Tradition in Cesarean Surgery: Effects on Midwifery Practice and Cesarean Mothers’ Future Pregnancies—Ina May Gaskin
  • Story of a VBAC Rupture—Carey Collins
  • Leaving the Care of My Midwives—Sarah C. Rossmassler
  • A Work-toward Solution to the American Obstetrical Crisis—Alan J. Huber
  • Chlorhexidine as an Alternative Treatment for Prevention of Group B Streptococcal Disease—Shelie Ross
  • Go Tell It: Using Media to Educate about Birth—Sharon Craig
  • Reflections on the End of a Career—Louana George
  • The Business of Midwifery: The Financial Plan for Commercial Insurance—Linda Lieberman

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