Midwifery Today Issue 81

Issue 81

Spring 2007

Midwifery Today Issue 81 Theme: Primal Health

Cover Photo by Shawna Wentz

Pregnancy is a time to get rooted—rooted in love, rooted in patience, rooted to the Mother. This image was taken with that concept in mind. The ripened mother stands strong with the tree—bearing the fruit of precious, sacred life.

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  • Poetry
  • From the Editor: We Can Improve Primal Health
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Midwifery Model of Care—Phase II: Networks in the Birth Community
  • Marion’s Message: Changing Childbirth:
  • Media Reviews
  • News
  • Classified Advertising
  • Calendar
  • Photo Album
  • Primal Health: History of a Concept—Michel Odent
  • Antisocial Behaviours from a Primal Health Research Perspective—Michel Odent
  • Trusting Birth Even MoreCarla Hartley
  • Group B Strep Prophylaxis: What Are We Creating?—Mary Lou Singleton
  • Epidurals: Risks and Concerns for Mother and Baby—Sarah J. Buckley
  • Nine Web Site Strategies to Generate More Clients—Sheri Menelli and Adriane Smith
  • Who is The Bully?Marinah Valenzuela Farrell
  • Manual Rotation Maneuvers for Persistent OP Position—Katherine Bramhall
  • Psychological and Emotional Dystocia—Heidi Nielson Sylvester
  • Foreskins for Keeps: An Idea Whose Time Has ComeGloria Lemay
  • A Lamentation of Birth—Jasmine Rae Ojala
  • Birth without borders, a Midwifery Today Conference in Costa Rica
  • The Midwife’s Grandchild: When the New Grandmother Is an Expert on Babies and Birth—Becky Sarah
  • The Language of Desire—Kathleen Furin
  • The Business of Midwifery: The Financial Plan—Linda Lieberman

International Midwife

  • Cards & Letters
  • My Midwifery Practice in Israel—Ilana Shemesh
  • Soaking in MidwiferyAndrea Boltz
  • Baby Breath—Sister Morningstar
  • Birth in Sweden—Nati Steverlynck

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